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GPS Disciplined OCXOs

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GPS Disciplined OCXOs

IQD Frequency Products' GPS disciplined OCXOs provide electrical timing functionality

IQD Frequency Products' GPS disciplined OCXOs (oven controlled crystal oscillators) are a range of advanced clock modules that provide electrical timing functionality for distributed network systems. These clock modules use an OCXO in combination with software algorithms that primarily revolve around the 1 PPS (pulse per second) timing synchronization signal produced by a GPS frequency receiver, which is derived from transmitted timing information from GPS satellite systems. Evaluation boards are also available for each of the models.

The main objective of these modules is to maintain the 1 PPS (pulse per second) signal of the GPS system, and they are used in communication network systems to synchronize timing. If the system relies on the GPS signal to maintain accuracy and the GPS signal fails due to loss of lock, bad weather, jamming, or other issues, these clock modules are able to keep the 1 PPS signal maintained until GPS lock is restored, enabling the network system to remain within specification. To fully meet the requirements of some specific telecoms protocols such as LTE, the product will have to maintain accuracy to within ±1.5 μs over 24 hours if the GPS signal is lost. IQD's range of GPS disciplined OCXOs is available with or without a GPS receiver.

  • 4G/5G/LTE

  • Clock source

  • IED jammers

  • Radar systems

  • IP backhaul

  • Servers

  • Smart power grids

  • ±1.5 µs 24-hour holdover

  • 1 PPS reference input and output

  • Internal parameters of the algorithm via serial port

  • Excellent close-in/far-out phase noise

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