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We investigate supplier credit qualification thoroughly, to control the quality since the very beginning. We have our own QC team, can monitor and control the quality during the whole process including in-coming, storage, and delivery.All parts before shipment will be passed our QC Department, we offer 1 Year warranty for all parts we offered.

Our testing include:

  • Visual Inspection

  • Functions Testing

  • X-Ray

  • Solderability Testing

  • Decapsulation for Die Verification

Visual Inspection

Use of stereoscopic microscope, the appearance of components for 360 ° all-round observation. The focus of observation status include product packaging; chip type, date, batch; printing and packaging state; pin arrangement, coplanar with the plating of the case and so on.
Visual inspection can quickly understand the requirement to meet the external requirements of the original brand manufacturers, anti-static and moisture standards, and whether used or refurbished.

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