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Terms of Use

AnGrand terms of use:

This agreement details the terms and conditions of AnGrand, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us! 

Please read this term of use and privacy statement carefully before you registered on AnGrand once you registered successfully, menas you read, agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions in terms of use and privacy statement. we will publish updated version on AnGrand, if we changed this statement. all the content of agreement will come into effect on the date of publication. if you don't agree this revision, you have to terminate the relationship with AnGrand


  • 1), User Qualification:

  • All AnGranduser must be Company or individual who can sign omnibus legal binding contract under the law. Please don't use our service if you were not qualified. You can not transfer or sell your AnGrand account. AnGrand reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account according to their wishes.

  • 2), Material writing:

  • All users must provide real, valid personal information to AnGrand, in order to make sure normal business. If any changes, please notify and update to  AnGrand immediately.

  • All AnGrand users agree to accept emails and messages from AnGrand or AnGrand partners.


AnGrand has privacy statement applied to all users including user agreement. You should read and accept privacy statement to use AnGrand  when you register, and you will be subject to constraints by the rule (and AnGrand any updated version of privacy statement) in the period of AnGrand users.

  • 1), Before you approval, about all user data information, real name, address, email address, contact information..etc. AnGrand will not be used for any other purposes.

  • 2), Use non personal information. AnGrand will collect non personal information through IP address, including Browser properties, Operating system type, ISP's domain name who provide access services, etc. In order to optimize computer screen page. AnGrand also makes user flow statistics and improve the management and service by collecting the above information.

  • 3), Personal data security. AnGrand will protect your personal data information by safe server use control equipment.

  • 4), Personal data disclosure and restriction. AnGrand will provide personal data information according to legal operation department request or with view of public safety purpose, when government ask AnGrand  to disclose personal data information in accordance with the statutory procedures. AnGrand doesn't take any responsibility under such circumstances. When meeting the following conditions, AnGrand will use personal information beyond necessary range: We already got your approval, the corresponding laws and procedures ask AnGrand to provide users data information.




You will accept that you can't enter the website by any kind of robot, Spider or Refresh software for any purpose without AnGrand permission in write form.
In addition, you agree you will not: 

  • 1), Any unreasonable and disproportion behaviou


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