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HongKong AnGrand tech Co., Ltd.  was founded in 2007 with its headquarter in Shenzhen. Our company chiefly produces Optocoupler、Solid_State Relay、IGBT、 MOS、Optoelectronic switch、Photoelectric sensor ,which are mainly used in frequency converter, industrial sewing machines, servo controller, power supply, electric meter, UPS, cell phone, instruments and meters, automobile electronic, intelligent sanitary ware, small home appliance controller, etc.
With the rapid development of society, component industry of the ever single proxy mode has been unable to meet the needs of domestic customers. Professional service, customer-orientation, original assembled products, fast delivery, reasonable price and adequate stock are our permanent aim.
Since 2010, we’ve integrated the optocoupler channel of various brands so as to guide clients to choose the best cost-effective products such as IGBT, MOS pipe, encipheror and optoelectronic switch, trying to lower the cost of component for our clients and create a win-win situation.
Rutai offers a nice working platform and a decent salary for its employees. You are welcome to be one member of our company!
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