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XMOS another world first: an Amazon - certified, AVS - oriented stereophonic AEC far - field linear development kit

 Time:2018-2-27    Clicks:2292


In the world mobile communication conference (MWC), the newly released voice processor enables Alexa to support stereophonic smart TV, echo wall, set-top box and digital media adapter market.

For the consumer electronics market leading supplier of advanced embedded speech and audio solutions of XMOS limited company, today announced the launch of the Amazon Alexa service (AVS) of the VocalFusion development kit, the kit stereo via Amazon certification, is the first in line with the far field performance, support stereo echo cancellation (AEC) linear microphone array to solve plan. Based on the Alexa smart TV, echo wall, set-top boxes and digital media adapter in growing market segments -- all these segments need to have true stereo AEC support, to provide compelling "full room" speech interface solutions and the XMOS development kit is designed to work in these market developers and design.

"This is the XMOS Second Development Suite for the Amazon authentication oriented Alexa voice service." XMOS president and CEO Mark Lippett said in the release of the product, "we launched in October last year, the AVS suite, is another" first listing "suite we provide for developers, the product has attracted great interest of companies who are engaged in the linear microphone array of new product development. Its positive customer feedback and Amazon's encouragement prompted us to develop this stereo suite for new Alexa audio and video devices quickly, and it also showed the advantages and flexibility of our programmable XMOS technology.

"As Alexa expands from desktop experience to room edge devices, developers are looking for new ways to seamlessly integrate Alexa into the home environment, so that she can respond to any location in the room." Amazon Co Alexa voice service director Priya Abani said, "XMOS AVS oriented new stereo remote field linear development kit, which provides the thin and high performance required for these new devices. It creates a new opportunity to add Alexa to stereophonic home entertainment and wall mounted AV devices in a new way.

Developers, OEM, and ODM vendors are now able to buy the Amazon AVS VocalFusion stereo Suite (XK-VF3500-L33-AVS) from Digi-Key.
VocalFusion stereophonic development kit (XK-VF3500-L33-AVS) for Amazon AVS

About Amazon AVS's VocalFusion stereo development kit

As the basis of this suite, XVF3500 speech processor provides advanced speech and digital signal processing including dual channel full duplex acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). Like all other XMOS VocalFusion voice solutions, even in complex noise environments, it can accurately capture commands from any location in the room, and then hand it to Alexa voice service processing.

The processor is directly connected to 4 PDM microphones in the linear array (33.33mm spacing), which is very suitable for integrating into the flat screen and products located at the edge of the room.

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