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NXP at its 2017 Conference Showcased the Power of Edge Processing and Machine Learning

 Time:2017-11-28    Clicks:2066


NXP Semiconductors NX (NASDAQ: NXPI) announced today that it will demonstrate its microprocessors through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) service running at NXP Layerscape at the AWS re: Invent conference 2017 (MPUs), microcontrollers (MCUs), and application processors for a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) and secure edge processing applications. Support for secure edge processing reduces latency and bandwidth requirements and improves the security of IoT solutions.

Today's IoT applications all have edge processing and security requirements. To this end, NXP has developed a powerful distributed cloud / edge software platform that provides the necessary security configuration, connectivity and processing capabilities to connect AWS edge processing devices Provide support and create conditions. NXP will be showcasing the following applications at AWS re: Invent conference:

● Machine learning-based continuous facial recognition through AWS Cloud Training and Edge Reasoning

● Seamless integration of edge devices with AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass services

● Security Device Configuration and Container Software Certification

● NXP's Industrial Linux platform, OpenIL, supports Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) and processing based on AWS Greengrass

● IoT Edge Gateway, supporting thousands of wireless connectivity sensor nodes and cloud connectivity

Tareq Bustami, NXP Senior Vice President, said: "NXP offers a broad portfolio of MCUs and MPUs for building IoT solutions. Connectivity with AWS IoT Services including AWS Greengrass For a robust, flexible and secure system Provided a strong guarantee. "

NXP will be exhibiting at booth # 200 at NXP booth # 200, Digi International # 209 and the Builders Fair.

For Re: Invent Assembly Builders Fair Featured, Layerscape-Based IoT and Edge Processing Solutions

Visitors can participate in a hands-on learning experience at the Builders Fair in Aria Hall. Visitors will have the opportunity to browse over 45 projects, including the NXP project.

Layerscape-based solutions demonstrated at the Builders Fair include:

● Internet of Things and Edge Gateways

● Industrial Linux and TSN for Industrial Internet of Things

● AWS Greengrass integration

Face recognition based on AWS cloud continuous training and local reasoning

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