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Siemens wants to acquire Solido Design Automation to enhance the commitment to IC market

 Time:2017-11-28    Clicks:2333


Iemens wants to acquire a leading supplier of machine learning based design for change aware design and feature extraction, and enhance commitment to Mentor IC design and verification technology.

Siemens will continue to expand its software business in North America and Canada on the basis of the digital strategy.

Siemens has signed an agreement to acquire Saskatoon based Solido Design Automation, which is a leading provider of supply changes can be perceived for the global semiconductor design and feature extraction software. At present, more than 40 large companies have used Solido's machine learning products in their production, so that they can design, verify and manufacture products that are more competitive than before. The acquisition of Solido will further expand the Mentor analog / mixed signal verification (AMS) series of products to help customers solve the increasingly severe challenges of IC design and verification of automotive, communications, computing, data center network, mobile phone and Internet applications in the face. The terms of the transaction have not yet been disclosed. Siemens plans to complete the transaction at the beginning of December 2017.

"When we bought Mentor, we made a great commitment to EDA." Siemens PLM Software president and chief executive, Tony Hemmelgarn, said. "This new acquisition of Solido will consolidate our position and also show our commitment to serving customers in the IC industry."

Solido has become a valuable partner for us to help our customers cope with the changing impact and improve IC performance, power consumption, area and yield. Solido Design Automation founder, President and chief executive, Amit Gupta, said. "Combining our technology solutions with Mentor's outstanding IC performance and market coverage, we will be able to provide world-class solutions for the semiconductor industry in a wider range. In addition, we can also apply our engineering technology and expertise to machine learning, so as to contribute to Siemens's broader digital strategy. We are also excited about this.

Change - aware design and feature extraction have become the basis for developing modern semiconductor products with the best power, performance and cost. When designing special analog, mixed signal, memory and standard cell circuits for today's complex applications, verification software needs to provide highly reliable simulation results, and at the same time, avoid analysis methods that will consume a lot of time and resources. It has been proved that Solido, a machine learning based design and feature extraction software, is able to achieve the required confidence level, and also can significantly reduce time and resources, and present incomparable data visualization effect.

The combination of Solido and Mentor's leading analog mixed signal circuit verification products has created the most powerful solution portfolio in the industry to solve the challenges of today's IC circuit verification. Ravi Subramanian, vice president of Mentor and the general manager of the IC verification solution department, said. "Solido joins Mentor at the critical moment. Let Siemens such large enterprises into EDA, for us, is a real sense of innovation to win the rule.

Siemens PLM Software is a business department of Siemens Digital Factory Division. It is committed to promoting the transformation of industrial digitalization, creating new opportunities for manufacturers to achieve innovation, and it can be regarded as the leading supplier of software solutions.  Siemens PLM Software is headquartered in Plano, Texas, has more than 140000 customers around the world to cooperate with companies of all sizes, in order to change the creative mode of production, product realization and management of products and the use of the assets and the way of understanding. For more information about Siemens PLM Software products and services, please visit

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