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The new pattern of the new pattern of the electronic components platform, which is the core of the game.

 Time:2016-7-30    Clicks:3081


        On 8 July 2015, launched by the deep beauty of science and technology and Chinese ten authorized agents to north high intelligence science and technology, AsiaInfo technology, afternoon cooperation in science and technology of hunting core network formally launched. This business platform covering from futures, spot to poop, from active devices and passive components to the connector, from brand query to online technical support components in the industrial chain business.
        In recent years, the electronic components industry has introduced various types of electricity supplier platform, from pure e-commerce to purchasing platform, greatly small business model is full of this industry. However, there are still a lot of problems on electronic components business platform, suppliers to spread false information, the quality of the goods without guarantee, needs of small and medium-sized enterprises from attention and to solve, chip data not congruent information, making transactions in the industry still remain in the traditional way, still exposed the bad habits of traditional industry.

       B2B ( is born in this opportunity, the use of the Internet, mobile Internet, big data, through the construction of electronic components supply chain core trading relationship data platform, improve supply chain efficiency, to promote the transaction reached, to build the whole industry chain of electronic components business platform. The platform for the core network, for the supplier to join, need to go through a professional team of layers of audit, to ensure that all kinds of information is accurate and effective, but also to ensure the quality of products and can be traced. For the needs of small and medium buyers, the core network free of charge for its search for supply and bargaining, to protect the buyer's needs and service diversification. This kind of supply and demand for the supply and demand of the transaction service model, the real realization of the direct docking between buyers and suppliers. In addition, the core network also provides online technical support, through its own professional team and strong technical engineers to solve all kinds of technical problems for customers, the real needs of customers.
       The new mode of operation of the core network, the real sense of breaking the traditional electronic components business model, and create a new pattern of the industry, the establishment of a standardized, standardized whole industry chain platform. Both supply and demand can be achieved through the core professional team of free service, to achieve the needs of both parties and direct transactions. Different from the traditional electricity supplier platform is that the core network to provide free matchmaking services, supply and demand sides can not even through the platform to complete the final payment and delivery, can choose to direct transactions, making the transaction more flexible and effective. This powerful platform resources and new operation mode, the chaos of the electronic components industry, the electricity supplier inject new strength, opened up a more in line with market demand, more standardized road.

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