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Tanzania in new drive to curb fake electronic gadgets

 Time:2016-6-1    Clicks:2211


ARUSHA, Tanzania, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Tanzania launched a new drive on Saturday to curb the influx of substandard communication gadgets including mobile phones in the country's market outlets.

"Apart from collecting fake gadgets in the market outlets, we have started training dealers of electronic devises including local traders on how to do business best in the communication sector," said Aneth Matindi, northern zone manager for Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

She said in recent years, Tanzania is used as a dumping ground for cheap information communication technology (ICT) equipments which is mostly brought into the country by local traders.

"That's why we came up with this approach to carry out a series of training to local traders on the negative impact of importing and selling cheap imported counterfeit mobile phones which are hazardous to consumers and the country's economy," the official said.

The authority will continue stiffening regulations by ensuring ICT gadgets such as cell phones and computers are not a health hazard, she said.

TCRA has also managed to enforce quality of service standards for service providers, reviewing the licensing regime which has resulted in the reduction of license fees in the sector.

"We are also encouraging traders to imbibe a culture of having business licenses from TCRA in an effort to scale down the influx of substandard goods," Matindi said. "And this is according to the law governing TCRA's operations."

She however said fighting ICT counterfeits products such as fake mobile phones needs concerted efforts from other regulatory bodies.

Trade officer for the Arusha city council Privanus Katinhila discouraged the ongoing tendency whereby traders do buy cheap mobile phones despite knowing that some of the gadgets.

"We believe in educating all players in this sector. This will change their mindsets and work according to the rules and regulations," Katinhila said.

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